My 7 Favorite Travel Apps

Below I have listed seven of my favorite travel apps. I use these apps on a daily basis when I travel and I think that they are essential for avid travelers.

This app is by far my favorite travel application. Essentially is an app that lets you download maps to have offline when you are traveling. This is great for when you are in a foreign country and you don’t want crazy roaming chargers or your data is very slow. Also, in comparison to Google Maps, gives much more detailed maps. They show hiking and walking trails, weird backroads, and you can even see businesses and building names, all offline. Though, it is important to remember to download the map over wi-fi before you begin your adventure as you will not be able to see the map unless it has been downloaded beforehand.


2. Skiplagged
Skiplagged is both an app and a website that allows its users to book flights online for the lowest prices. Apparently, the site was sued by United Airlines because of how good it worked at showing the lowest prices. I have used this app to book all of my recent flights, and unlike Kayak or other companies like that, Skiplagged not owned by any big airline or travel company, so you really do see the best prices.

3. Rome2Rio
One of my most recent discoveries in the world of travel applications, Rome2Rio is great when you need to see all your options for getting from point A to point B. It shows both the estimated price and travel time of each mode of transport, along with detailed instructions about the travel. I would recommend this to anyone who is traveling to a new place and is not yet familiar with the transportation systems in the area.

4. Rejseplanen
This app works in essentially the same manner as Rome2Rio, but it is specific to the country of Denmark. Most of the information on this app in English, although some things do appear in Danish. Just type in where you are (or use your current location) and where you want to go and Rejseplanen will map out directions for you either by train, bus, metro, or a combination of these transportation systems.

5. Yelp
Yelp is a great app to have when you are looking for places to eat or things to do in the city. I used Yelp when trying to find thrift stores in the Copenhagen area. Being able to see all of the stores on a map helped me to plan out which stores I was going to visit. Plus, the reviews on Yelp are very helpful.

6. Duolingo
Duolingo is a free app for learning languages. With 30 languages available to English speakers, there are many options. The learning is formulated in a game-like manner which makes it a lot easier to sit down for 30 minutes and practice your language skills. Most of the app is free, but there is an option to buy gems, which allow you to buy more health or extra language skills that are not available for free.

7. Busuu
Another language learning app, Busuu works very similarly to Duolingo. You start out with a placement test which will determine where your learning begins. There are different lessons with topics like “At the restaurant,” or “Going on holiday.” I would say that Busuu is my favorite language learning app other than the fact that many parts of the lessons are not available with the free version. Though, if you buy a 12-month subscription, you will only pay about $3 a month, which isn’t too bad if you are committed to learning the language.

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