Bye, Auvergne

I woke up to a grey sky and drizzling rain on my last day in Lalizolle. It was a bit sad to be leaving the beautiful, but tiny town. The last two days I was especially able to appreciate the landscape as we spent our afternoons hiking through the hills and surrounding villages. As we walked we collected walnuts and wild blackberries, eating as we went but also gathering them to bring back home. We even collected enough berries to make a delicious tart. At one point on the walk when we were admiring one of the many colorful gardens along our route we got to talking with the owner and he gave me a fig to try, it was actually the first fig of the season. We continued walking past fields, pastures of cows and horses, and beautiful homes. The breeze was blowing and the first signs of autumn were beginning to show. I love being able to cozy up in my jacket while the crisp fall air whirls around my face. As I was on the train from Vichy to Paris today I found myself thinking about how I will miss waking up and looking over the rolling hills leading to the Puy-de-Dôme, and of course about how I will miss the generosity of Michelle and Jean-Luc.

My travels to Gif-sur-Yvette were fairly easy and I am excited to keep you all updated with my Paris adventures. I have never spent more than a few hours in Paris so I am very excited to have the opportunity to really explore the city at this great time of year.

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