Fall in Lalizolle

It is nearly impossible to capture the feeling of autumn in Auvergne. After being welcomed by a beautiful white snow when I arrived by train a week ago, the cold has given way to crisp and refreshing fall weather. Something that has been on my mind these last few weeks was the fact that I was going to be missing fall in Chapel Hill. I was yearning for the cozy and dark fall nights in front of the wood stove, the warm oranges and reds of the trees, and the brisk mornings foreshadowing the cold of the coming winter. Fortunately, these experiences are not just unique to my home in the States. I was able to discover the fall ambiance in Lalizolle. The surrounding mountains remind me of the mountains in my home state. The foliage is even more remarkable in contrast to the soft blue hues of the Chaîn de Puys towering in the distance. I was able to explore the surrounding area too, taking walks down winding roads, passing pastures of cows and sheep. I was even meet by a tiny dog one day. He accompanied me for a while until trotting off back home.

Now that I am in Milan I miss the calmness and tranquility of the Auvergne. It has been comforting having a place that serves as my home away from home. As I write this I am preparing to leave for Madagascar. When I was showering this morning I realized that this will be the last hot shower that I have for about two months! It is also the end of my blog posts for a bit as I don’t think I will have wifi. I am excited to write a post with all of my Madagascar updates at the end of my trip. I will probably have to split it up into a few posts. Those are all the updates that I have for now. I cannot wait to get to Madagascar, I have no idea what to expect.

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